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Through her organization "M"Soul Productions, Margareta Paslaru manage the production, distribution, advertising and sales of cassettes, CDs and videotapes whose profits contribute to the relief effort of national and international humanitarian organizations including: The Red Cross, UNICEF(for Romanian orphanages), M.A.D.I.R, the Balkan Relief, "The house of the mature actors: UNITER", Overlook Hospital, Matei Bals Hospital for AIDS, Leslie Hawke for The Alex Fund in Bacau, Tsunami relief, the flood victims in Romania, Katrina relief .

 "He, who was born an artist, feels deeply the human pain.
That's why he uses his gift, conforting others' sufferings, through his art."- Margareta Paslaru

Margareta Paslaru is distributing toys and sweets at "Casa Maicii Domnului" orphanage in Cluj (2005)
Photo by Dorin Panut

Margareta visiting  "Casa Bambi" - Tarlageni, Brasov 2006 

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Margareta Paslaru visiting an orphanage in Bucharest - 1999

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Margareta had lunch with the children at the orphanage in Cluj-Napoca 1996

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Professor Nicolae Nicoara, the President of the Romanian Red Cross presents to Margareta Paslaru the title of Honorary Member
Bucharest 02-09-2000

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Margareta at Brasov's "The crib" - 1997

1996 - Diploma of Honor from UNICEF - Bucharest for the
 promotion of music and the protection 
of children

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Margareta Paslaru and Ana Maria, her daughter, distributing
sweets and musical instruments to the children
at a Bucharest orphanage - February 2000

Independent Press, Wednesday, April 5 2000

Paslaru Brings songs of hope to young orphans in Romania

By Liz Keill

SUMMIT - With eyes flashing and exuberant glow, singer and Summit resident Margareta Paslaru says. " America was a school for me."She absorbed the value of volunteerism while living in this country, she says. Ms. Paslaru has just returned from visits to orphanages and nursing homes in Romania . Moved by the plight of so many, she enlisted the support of the Red Cross and other organizations to carry her message of hope and courage to children and the elderly. Ms.Paslaru was accompanied by her daughter, Ana Maria, and says she was particulary glad to share the experience of giving to those less fortunate with her daughter at her side. In Bucharest , they were greeted by throngs of fans for the singer, who is well known through out Europe from her recording and concert appearances. During their travels to orphanages, they distributed inexpensive musical instruments to encourage the children's talents."A talent is a terrible thing to waste,"Ms.Paslaru says. She saw a way to help orphaned children develop a means of expression and individuality.Ms.Paslaru was recognized by President of the Romanian Red Cross, Professor Nicolae Nicoara, and was given the title of Honorary Member. Ms.Paslaru has been a performer for 40 years and credits her discovery to Ileana Pop. Today she produces Soul Productions for TV-36.
(...)In 1999, she participated in the annual New York City Golden Festival, which donated its profits to relief organization in the Balkans. This humanitarian received a classical music education and at the age of six was playing Mozart and Chopin.
(...) On her latest album she is accompanied by Matt Darriau, Paradox Trio, Radu Goldis, Adrian Antonescu, assisted by Anthony Petosa.
(...)Ms.Paslaru does not hesitate to put her feelings to music. Inspired by the prayer,"Our Father," she composed a melody and directed a video for the chant."Music is a reservoir - we all drink from it. The thirst for knowlwdge and feeling is in all of us," she says.Although she acknowleges that the Internet is a window to the world, it doesn't take the place of touch and interaction. Older people will often respond to music when everything else fails."Music follows us from the moment we're born to the moment we die, from joy to sorrow, from a mother's lullaby to hymns at funerals. We have only to learn and to grow. We have nothing to lose," she says of her goal to encourage humanitarian projects.

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The price of the new CDs (shown above): 
$12 plus $3 (shipping and handling); total $15 US (each)
To order it send a check (no credit card please) to:

"M" Soul Productions
 P.O. BOX 301
 Summit, NJ 07901-0301
(allow two - three weks for delivery by mail)

All proceeds are donated to the Romanian Red Cross

The Independent Press –Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Actress Paslaru-Sencovici finishes humanitarian tour around America

By Timothy Jecko

   Summit resident Margareta Paslaru-Sencovici continues in her humanitarian effort to help victims of the Balkan crisis, devising project after project and showing no signs of slowing down.
  Her career as singer, songwriter, lyricist and actress began in Romania more than 40 years ago. Now a legend of Romanian pop music, she sings in 13 languages, and fluent in English, French and Italian.
   This past May she completed a tour which she called her Humanitarian Gala – seven weekends of recitals in Romanian communities in Florida, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago and New York City- singing and selling her cassettes (available at to raise money for refugees of the Balkan Crisis.
   In a recent discussion over coffee, she explained. "The domino effect in the Communist bloc in 1989 was an awakening for me", she said. "As a mother and an artist I realized that I had to do what I can, especially for the helpless children, to give them a drop of hope. I wanted to be a spokesperson for them, to speak in their names, to become a voice for the voiceless".
   The list of her achievements and awards is formidable, but there’s no contemporary irony in her conversation. She is genuine, sincere and zealous about her work. Her enthusiasm is perhaps old-fashioned, but she unhesitatingly uses it to confront the challenges of the age of technology. "Through technology," she said, "we learn instantly. We become aware of a crisis in time to give a hand." She gobbles up possibilities. "It’s not a perfect world."she says. That’s why it’s so exciting, because we can fix things. In America, there is a diversity of activities, a palette of colors. It’s a tough, extraordinary school, and I’m eager to learn, to absorb everything I can."

A ‘spiritual daughter’

   Margaret’s grandfather was a sculptor of large, historic monuments. She, to, shapes the space in which she lives in her own dynamic way. She is a spiritual daughter of the great choreographer Agnes de Mille, who spoke of the "divine dissatisfaction of the artist." Margareta beholds the world, and sees countless situations begging for change.
   Through her company,"M"Soul Productions, she directs and produces for TV36. Her current series, "Impromptu,"explores the exhibitions and behind-the-scenes activities of the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts in Summit.
   With Lisa Ciarrocca, director of the Child Life Program at Overlook Hospital, she initiated a program of song ("Music Is The Medicine") and bedtime stories ("Sleeping With a Smile") for hospitalized children and senior citizens.
   She has worked with SAGE’s Meals-On-Wheels program, delivering meals herself. She produced a video to document the organization’s activities and currently preparing a related video project on The Food Bank in Hillside.
   What is her daily work schedule? How does she keep all those plates spinning? "No two days are alike," she says,"and I find wonderful people who want to work with me, everywhere I turn." From near and far,(literally spanning the globe) she has assembled musicians, artists, hospital administrators, television producers, writers, and school teachers as eager collaborators in her humanitarian efforts. "I am so grateful to the East Coast organizers of my tour, Cristian Socianu and John Baleanu, my guests Sergiu Cioiu and Lia Lungu, and especially my musical director Radu Goldis, from Los Angeles. I also must thank art teacher Lynn Celler,"she adds, "and her students from the New Providence High School Community Service, for collecting and donating hundreds of toys for Romanian orphanages."
   Margaret moved with her husband and daughter in 1983 to the United States, settling in Summit. "That’s a long story,"she says."Now my husband has his own computer business, and my daughter has graduated from college and has a good job in Philadelphia."
   One has the feeling that Margaret is always in the eye of an event that is just about to happen. She’s a bundle of primal energy, a determined work in progress. "Now is the most exciting time of my life,"she says,"because now I can experiment. When we are young, you know, we struggle to make a name for ourselves. Becoming mature, we must use the name in helping others. This has become my motto."

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