Selected Discography - Margareta Pislaru (Paslaru)

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 Excerpts from CD cover: "The best of... Margareta"- 1996 -Bucharest, Romania

   Margareta Paslaru. Who could forget her? Who is not delighted watching again her films? listening to her recordings? Certainly, her songs are mixed to the youthful of many of us. But beyond the hits and the successful songs, beyond the wonderful films, the sheets written for the Romanian light music, Margareta Paslaru is and will always be a peerless voice and a model: a soloist extremely tenacious, extremely mindful of her career's steps, rigorous about her appearance, about her style of acting. It's a pity that she left so early the Romanian public but we know that, in spite of the thousands kilometers distance, her soul is here.

Smaranda Oteanu-Bunea
Musical Critic
(English version: Nicoleta Sonea)

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   Margareta Paslaru has created a style in the Romanian light music. With a very special artistic temperament and an absolutely uncommon voice, with a professional seriousness and responsibility - typical to the big stars - Margareta is a model for the young singers who are trying to enter the successful gates. We have to underline her presence on the stage, acclaimed by her fans. Musical and interesting, Margareta's presence on the world stages has been remarked, the specialized reviews are acclaiming her.

Lucica Popescu Moraru
Radio Producer
(English version: Nicoleta Sonea)

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Conductor Sile Dinicu and Margareta Paslaru - RTV studios